Jenny Craig Diet Week 36

OMG I have not posted about my diet in ages.

Well that’s because I had a big old Christmas blip  and it’s all gone a bit wrong. 4-5 lbs on and taking a while to get off. Since my starting weight I am now 2 stone 9lb less than when I started but frustrated with myself because we have been here before . Oh well onwards and upwards .

Some great tips posted below by Jenny Craig this month that I am going to try.

  • Late night chocolate craving?  Have a low cal hot chocolate drink, as this may take the edge off the cravings.
  • Keep a nibbling pot in the fridge full of fruit and veggies – it may help keep you away from the biscuits
  • A low fat yogurt frozen in a ramekin makes a really tasty, low fat dessert.  (A low fat yogurt contains less than 3g fat per 100g)


I am going back to my weekly postings and by summer I will have lost 5 stone New year new start and all that….wish me luck!




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