Is Marble Good for a Dining Room Table?

Are you on the hunt for furniture that takes your dining room to the next level? If yes, then you could benefit from considering a marble dining table and chairs. After all, few finishes will impress dining guests half as much.

That said, if you’ve never invested in a marble dining table before, you may be wondering whether this is the right option for you. Undeniably, a set like this will look the part, but will it serve your needs for years to come?

Luckily, marble offers a range of benefits, making it a tempting dining table option indeed. Here, we’re going to consider what those are in the hopes of helping you decide one way or another.


Is Marble Good for a Dining Room Table?

A beautiful addition

The stunning appearance of a marble dining table and chairs is unbeatable. As well as being a unique and eye-catching addition, a table set of this nature is guaranteed to work well with whatever decor style you already have in place. Forget having to change your furniture with each home move or redecoration, a piece like this will look good in all seasons.

A style to suit everyone

Marble tables are available in an array of wonderful natural colours, from snowy white right through to gold, grey, or even black. As such, no matter the style you’re opting for, you can guarantee a marble table will suit. If you want antique, contemporary, or something in between, you need only consider the marble options out there to get it right.


Is Marble Good for a Dining Room Table

A touch of luxury

Marble has been a sign of luxury for centuries, a fact that’s only strengthened by its use in top hotels, fancy restaurants, and a range of other high-end establishments. Adding this elegant flourish to your dining room is guaranteed to take your dinner parties to the next level.



Traditional wood dining tables can be great, but wood isn’t exactly the longest lasting material. By comparison, marble is a rock, meaning that it’s automatically durable, particularly when treated in the right ways. Even if you don’t quite get on top with maintenance, restoration is yet another option that could see your marble bouncing back for many more years. Take care of this investment, and you might just find that your marble dining set outlasts every other item of furniture that you own.


How to care for your marble dining table

Ultimately, achieving all the points mentioned above requires marble maintenance that you can trust. Some things to keep in mind include –


  • Clean spills immediately, especially if acidic
  • Always use coasters/placemats/trivets for serving
  • Avoid staining caused by hard water, vinegar, tannins (found in tea, coffee, etc.)
  • If necessary, make sure to seal marble at regular intervals
  • Don’t use wax on white marble in case of discolouration
  • Cleaning with a microfiber cloth and some soap-free warm water is best.


Is Marble Good for a Dining Room Table?


Are marble dining tables a good home addition? Most definitely, especially if you take care of maintenance to make the most of this investment for many years to come.



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