How would you feel if you were burgled and uninsured?

Today  – How would you feel if you were burgled and uninsured

I am not and never have been a particularly materialistic person  and that is probably why I find budgeting fairly easy.

If you told me tomorrow my computer had been pinched I would be gutted. But it is backed up and I’d survive. Honestly there isn’t a great deal I own apart from sentimental bits and bobs like photos and jewellery and toys  that I would care about. Possessions are largely replaceable.


Burgled and uninsured – the aftermath

Emotionally i would be a wreck and devastated ( I know because it has happened and I was!) but practically a DVD player is just a DVD player.

However..and this is a very big however our stuff would cost a fortune to replace! Now most of it is old and I don’t think anyone would give you even £5 for our TV (it’s a great big hulking thing!) but to replace our items as new would be costly and outside of our capability.

burgled and uninsured


Reliable home insurance is an absolute must in my book. Otherwise a burglary is a  practical devastation as well as an emotional one.

I saw someone had set up a just giving page last week because she had been burgled and all her cameras she needed for her art degree had been stolen and she was uninsured. She had some donations and some sympathy but a lot the comments on her page were negative  saying you know what its your own fault you weren’t insured.

I don’t think its anyone’s fault if someone burgles them and I have huge empathy for this ladies plight. Other people should respect your home even if you leave the door open its your home after all and just because she doesn’t have insurance does not mean she is to ‘blame’ how bizarre to even think that! But I sort of understood the comments.

Insurance is a necessity. It may seem dull . It may feel that their is nothing tangible to show for the money you spend. But if you don’t spend it and the worst happens. And the worst does happen. Well then it makes it a tragedy.

Yes nothing is as valuable as our family and friends and out health. We can start again with few possessions and be okay but life can be hard and unpleasant  without  our home and possessions in place. I would strongly advise you don’t leave yourself vulnerable by not being insures.

Fires, floods, burglaries are realities, items break and are lost all the time.

In a different vein last year my sink cracked really badly. It was unusable. Not an easy situation with little kids and we had no cash to replace it. It was also unsafe. Sure they could brush their teeth over the bath but it was tricky and a real nuisance. being insured meant it was replaced within a week and safe again in the bathroom.

Insurance makes tough times  easier mush easier.

Don’t skimp on your insurance just because you can’t see it. If you need it is the most valuable item you could ever have bought.

Insurance is a bit like a good bra or control pants, a real support  that may not be visible but can make all the difference!


How would you feel if you were burgled and uninsured? Lets hope you never ever find out



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