How to make money from your Christmas Gifts

Today – How to make money from your unwanted gifts – Quick and easy options for reselling unwanted Christmas gifts


Feeling skint? Do you  need to make some money from your Christmas gifts?

Do you feel really cluttered after Christmas? Are old toys jostling with new ones, tins spilling out of cupboards, are toiletries fighting for space?

How to make money from your unwanted gifts - Quick and easy options for reselling unwanted Christmas gifts

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Here are my top tips….

In with the new means out with the old and quickly!  Netmums  have sales boards where you can list all the children’s’ grown out of items like bikes and bouncy chairs.  Because these sale boards are area specific, collection is often easily and quickly arranged which makes them convenient.

If you have had a new mobile phone for Christmas you can go to Money Saving Expert put in the make of your old one and find the best price/place to sell it.

For children’s clothes and toys I would suggest local NCT sales are a great place to sell as people go looking for exactly these items. Check the website and store you stuff now ready to sell.  EBay is another good option for clothing bundles and well…. anything really!

If you have unwanted gifts and can’t return them  to either sell them on Amazon or eBay or  consider allocating them as a birthday gift to someone else. Simply  wrap them up and pop them in your present drawer as  this will save you money later on. Do label well who bought it you.

If you had a new ipod, blu-ray or Xbox for Christmas you may want o sell your old cd’s, DVD’s or play station games Music Magpie is a fab place to do this.

You don’t need everything so if you now have a tablet may be you could sell your kindle. Or if your child has a new 2 wheel scooter now could be the right time to sell the 3 wheel? I’m not good a letting go but it leaves you in a big old clutter if you don’t.

Car boot sales are always a good option too as you can sell all manner of things in one go but be sure to go out in your thermals and take a flask. It is winter!

Check out Car Boot Junction for the nearest sale to where you live.

Too many books for you bookshelf?  Books sell well on Amazon they take just moments to list.

Gumtree is also a good place to put hard to post items for sale such as cots and stair gates and prams. It is fast easy and free to list.

It’s a question of attitude and action  .This all requires decision making and you being proactive.  It will be well worth it to have a bit of extra money in the bank and a whole lot less clutter in you home in the New Year.

So if you want to make money from your unwanted gifts I hope this will help you get started. Check out our other posts on making money.




  1. January 2, 2014 / 9:38 am

    Great post, with some excellent ideas. the mind is willing, I just need to give myself a kick up the backside to do this!
    Dan recently posted..Boris bikes – funny vandalismMy Profile

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