How to decorate a Black Christmas Tree

Would you ever consider a black Christmas tree?

I have to say it isn’t something that has ever really crossed my mind until I saw one in a style magazine recently and thought – oh wow.

Just incredible.

So very striking.  I liked that it was such a unique looking tree and that it added a really minimalist and stylish vibe to whatt can be an overwhelming time of year in terms of decor (and everything else!)

Would you even begin to know how to decorate it though?

I have had to rack my brains with this as there are not that many examples out there and so I do not have too much inspiration to be guided by.


How to decorate a Black Christmas Tree

I am thinking if I had a black Christmas tree like this one that I would need to be decorating it with thought and care.  Too many multi coloured baubles would just look garish in my opinion.

So what look should I go for with my tree decorating hat on? Hmm.

I would keep it simple and go for clear glass ornaments and strings of white fairy lights. I  think it would look really stunning and fit in with the simple and uncluttered look I have in my lounge.

Monochrome never dates, so year after year decorating your black tree you would  still be on trend.

And of course the dual benefits of having an artificial tree are both eco and thrifty!  Oh and the fact they don’t shed is a huge plus in my book too!

But also how very spectacular would red look against black or, can you imagine, neon pink or lime lights or baubles? They would create a really stand out shocking and dramatic effect.  You do not have to go traditional just because it is Christmas time.

Or perhaps just a simple star on top and gold lights. I think that would look just spectacular.


black Christmas tree

It is great to go off piste and be a little quirky sometimes with your decor.

Everyone has a green or white Christmas tree so this alternative look will absolutely grab you some attention and awaken peoples interest, it will be the Christmas tree that everyone will be talking about that is for sure!

Have a look at this article for more info a on picking a great artificial tree


The black Christmas tree from Yaheetech

The black Christmas trees at Yaheetech are wonderful, let’s take a look at some of their features.

  • The artificial Christmas tree come with a high-end black finish and lots of branch tips all made of premium PVC, which makes it harmless and durable. Both trunk and the stand are made of iron which enables it to be balanced and robust.
  • The stand is foldable so stores and packs easily.
  • This black spruce artificial tree can be used either indoor or outdoor.
  •  The “leaves” on our tree can be bent and set at will.


black Christmas tree



I am intrigued to hear your views on how to decorate a black Christmas tree and if you would consider getting one. Does it feel a bit risky or can you just imagine it in your modern home?

Do drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

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