How To Create A Play Area Your Kids Will Love

Today –  How To Create A Play Area Your Kids Will Love

Whether it’s the weekend or the school holidays, whenever kids get a bit of down-time you’re sure to hear the familiar shouts of “I’m bored!” within hours of them being off.

If you have the room, a great way to keep them entertained is to create a dedicated children’s play area in your garden! If you decided to go ahead a build a playground into your garden, or even just add a few key pieces of play equipment, there are a few things to consider before you get started.


Create A Play Area Your Kids Will Love, How To Create A Play Area Your Kids Will Love

How To Create A Play Area Your Kids Will Love

Choose A Safe Surface

Grass is good, but it can get slippy, muddy and boggy very quickly after heavy rainfall or inclement weather. In dryer weather, it can also be very hard and unyielding – not great for trips or falls from height!

Get yourself some free artificial grass samples and you will soon see the difference!

Artificial grass is a safe, resilient and good-looking alternative to natural turf. It requires very little maintenance and upkeep, remaining consistent as a play surface all year round. As it’s made with a water-resistant backing and designed with perforated holes to allow water to drain through, play areas won’t be off-limits after bouts of rain either.

Not only that but all artificial grasses can be installed with shock pads or foam underlays underneath to protect your little ones from injuring themselves if they do fall. Designed to meet European standards they’re a fabulous way of making play areas that both you and the kids will love.


Pick Your Play Equipment

The key to an effective play area, particularly one in your home, is making it as accessible as possible for children of all ages. That way, as your little ones grow up or your family expands, it stays relevant and useable.

If your short on space, it may be wise to choose one or two ‘statement’ pieces to create the wow factor. This could include a trampoline, climbing frame, or swings. Once these are in situ, you can then add a few details or décor to add the finishing touches to your play area, and possibly add to it over time.

When you are planning out your play zone, think about the kind of play your children and their friends will enjoy. Kids don’t just enjoy physical activity but creative and artistic play too. You could plan in areas to sit, reading corners, planting zones and much more depending on the space available so you’re sure to never hear those dreaded words again!


Get The Kids Involved

Finally, get the kids involved in the planning and implementation of their play area. Of course, they won’t be able to get involved in all areas of this, but they can certainly have input into what they would like to see and support you with smaller areas of the project.

If you are green fingered, perhaps you could encourage the kids to take ownership of a raised bed or patch of earth in the garden. Help them to plant a range of seeds that they can tend to as the project takes shape, so they will feel as though they contributed to the finished product.

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