Home Sweet Home: Crafting a Comfortable Space for Your Baby

Getting ready for a new baby is inevitably going to be stressful. This is certainly true if you’re new to parenting. However, even existing parents might be overwhelmed with everything they have to go through again. Fortunately, the confusion you might feel right now is normal when preparing for a new family member. Put your time to good use in creating a home that is welcoming and safe to your new bundle of joy, and that can range from shopping for the right crib to using kitchen estimating software that helps you design a better home for your growing family.

Space for Your Baby

Start With the Nursery

Your newborn baby will likely spend much of their time in the nursery, and you probably will, too. Start your home planning with this room; even that should start with the crib itself. If buying a crib, make the most of your money by getting one that grows with your child. That usually means a model with a removable side, so it easily transitions into a toddler bed. Adjustable mattress heights are also useful as your child starts pulling up and standing. Nontoxic materials and paints are also options that will give you more peace of mind.

Place your crib appropriately. Keep it away from windows or anything with glass, particularly if you live in an area prone to earthquakes. If staying away from windows isn’t possible, look for window treatments your baby can’t reach and then drag into their crib. Also, avoid hanging things over the crib without firm wall attachments.

For the rest of the room, consider specific spaces for nursing and changing while also utilizing a soft floor covering. An ottoman and glider can make a great spot for late-night feedings, while a specific changing table can work better than regular dressers that energetic babies or toddlers might wiggle their way off of. Rug texture is important for durability and easy cleaning when it becomes a play area later in your baby’s life.


Yes Spacing

Depending on which parenting circles you might be a part of, you might be aware of the concept of “yes spaces” for your baby. In short, it’s any safe environment where your baby can explore and enjoy moving around, whether that’s a room or just parts of your home. Someone should always watch your baby, but physical movement and independence are crucial to a child’s development. A great yes-space is baby proofed and spacious enough for their movement but not isolated from anyone watching over the child. Childproof the outlets and appliances in the space, and ensure that furniture is safe for and from the baby. A retractable baby gate can seal off entry and exit points for even more safety.


Get the Kitchen Ready

The kitchen is often the center of social activity in most homes, and your baby will spend much time there. In addition to getting at least part of your kitchen ready for a newborn, you might need to account for guests who come over to spend time with your young loved one. A kitchen remodel estimate can help you figure out what changes need to happen to get ready for this, but you also need to keep in mind your own needs. As you put more time and attention into your baby, you might not have as much energy for cooking and cleaning. Consider what kitchen changes might make life easier for you as you raise a child, but also remember to do anything you can to make the room safe for your child.


Don’t Wait on Renovations

If you still have time before your new baby joins your family, you should look into renovating as quickly as possible before the projected due date. Having remodeling done with a new baby around can disrupt your entire family. Still, a growing family is also a good time to get a construction estimate to see how your home can grow with you and keep serving you well in the coming years. Whether it’s just the kitchen, renovations of multiple rooms, or an addition to your home, you can ensure your abode is ready to serve your coming needs.


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