Home Refurbishment on a Budget

Guest post – Home Refurbishment on a Budget

Spring and early summer are the time when people look at their home; fix up the garden for when or if the good weather comes along, do some redecorating inside the house, general fixing & repair of the home. This isn’t always cheap though, depending on the extensive lengths we want to go to and how much we want to change. Sadly Ground Force isn’t around any more to do this for us! There are ways to save money though, have some fun while doing it, DIY is such a chore for some and generally come out the other side happy with your new home & garden!

1.       Upcycling

There is a current trend of picking up old and maybe slightly damaged furniture for next to nothing from junk shops, car boot sales, etc. and fixing them up in a modern style. Anything from making funky additions to paintings, lampshades or artwork, reupholstering chairs or sofas, putting new knobs and handles on chests of drawers or wardrobes. You could come out with what appears to be fabulous brand new furniture for next to no cost.

Home Refurbishment on a Budget

2.       DIY/Gardening Party

May not cut down on the cost, but is certainly going to make the work a lot easier & more fun! Get your DIY equipment ready, along with getting some food on the go, plenty of beverages and ask all your friends round to do the hard work for you! Digging up the garden, wallpapering or painting your walls, anything that you just don’t want or cannot do yourself, your friends can do for you and put their own twist to your home. Hopefully by the end of the day all you have to do is clear up and your house is finished as you wanted!

3.       Luxury on a Budget

There’s no reason why we cannot have the fabulous luxurious furniture and decorations we want, but at a more affordable price. Don’t visit big furniture showrooms or the high street, shop online. You can pick up quality and reasonably priced items from sites such as FADS.co.uk with a fantastic range of furniture including dining chairs, children’s & outdoor furniture & wall coverings. There are many great sites like these all over the web with equally as great furniture.

4.       Rustic Gardening

This is a similar vein to upcycling, taking either some of your existing garden furniture & crockery and making it into something new. Turn a rusty old barbecue or watering can into an exciting planter; use broken or cracked paving slabs or bricks to build a rockery. If you have young children, have them paint stones or bricks to make a colourful addition to these!

5.       Children’s Party

If you are feeling adventurous & want to put some unique colour into a child’s room, then have a painting party for the juniors! Put liner paper on the walls and give them hand paints for a pretty cool mural, let them go crazy with paints, Crayola crayons and anything else to hand. Buy white bedding & curtains, let them do the same to these, you’ll come away with something pretty impressive and totally unique, with a lot of exhausted children!

So DIY and gardening doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or even yours to do so there’s no excuse to be bored with your home or garden this summer, make the change and be happy with what you’ll have!

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