Growing your own vegetables – why it’s just great for kids!

Growing your own vegetables

The summer my son was 2 GG (great grandma) who has always lived in the country, decided it was time he learnt to be a bit less of a city boy. She got him a poster about trees, started saving her RSPB magazines for him and declared  ‘ It’s time I showed you how to grow vegetables  I gulped and got worried; vegetable growing made me think…time consuming  /expensive/complicated? My MIL bought me a book and I was all but pushed into the garden!

Several years later we have had lots of fun experimenting with…

Potatoes (dead easy just plant a few then let the kids scrabble for  tons and tons at the bottom of your container later.)

Tomatoes (need a big tub and plenty of water.) We  have killed a fair few through neglect but the kids have got immense joy from pickig off the survivors and they taste AMAZING!

Spring onions we popped these in a little grow bag and they were fab and we did some little lettuces in grow bags too and they were just gorgeous. No effort at all!

See how technical I am about gardening.  It doesn’t have to be expensive or a chore. It can be cheap cheerful and fairly effortless and the results are so exciting! The kids delight in presenting GG with little bags of veggie goodies and I feel proud too.

This year we are going for carrots and cucumbers…who knows if they will work for us…. but just the planting is a fun activity, it teaches the kids where food comes from and to care and nourish a living thing. When they do work out the cost savings are great…just pick your veggies as you go, there is no waste, definitely better quality, organic and cheap as chips compare to shop bought. Even if it goes a bit awry you can’t go wrong with this project for all the gains of getting your kids in touch with their roots!



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