Where to Go to Educate your Kids on Holiday

In order to make your family holiday more meaningful, choose a place not only where kids can have fun, but also one where you can educate them. With this, below are some of the best places where children can have educational holidays whilst having a good time as well.

Educate your Kids on Holiday

Vatican City, Rome

This is one of the best places to teach kids about religion and history. One of the areas worth checking out is St Peter’s Basilica, which is believed to have been constructed from the 16th to the 18th century. At the Sistine Chapel, on the other hand, they can admire the paintings of Michelangelo on the ceiling. St Peter’s Square is another place that should be part of your itinerary, which is filled with 140 statues of different saints.


You might benefit from taking a tour of Vatican City, this way you’ll be provided with information as you work your way around. You and your children can also ask as many questions as you like, so by the end of it you’ll feel like you know everything there is to know about the world’s smallest independent state. Visiting on a day when the Pope is making an appearance would also be a memorable experience for children.


Athens, Greece

This is another country that will be promising in terms of teaching kids history in an unconventional way. It has a diverse collection of ancient ruins that have stood the test of time and each has played a significant role in the history of Greece. One of the highlights of your visit to Athens will be seeing the Acropolis of Athens, an ancient city with magnificent architecture.

It is home of the Temple of Olympian Zeus and The Roman Forum. Another highlight is The Parthenon, the ruins of a temple built in 447 BC. The Acropolis Museum is also a must-visit to learn more about the rich history of the area.


San Jose, Costa Rica

If you want to go off-the-beaten-path, visit San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica. There are many attractions that can prove to be educational for kids, such as Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, which has a vast collection of ancient artefacts dating back from as early as 500 AD. Other places that should be visited include The Children’s Museum, Metropolitan Church, National Museum of Costa Rica, and Orosi River Valley.


Jaipur, India

If you want to have an exotic holiday with the family, go to Jaipur, which is also surprisingly an informative place for both adults and kids. It is one of the most opulent places in India. Behind its grandeur, however, is a rich history that is worth learning. One of the best places to see is the Amber Fort and Palace, with high walls that have been used as a defense against the enemies.

Meanwhile, at the astronomical observation site of Jantar Mantar, kids can see ancient devices that have been used for the prediction of eclipses and measurement of the movements of the Earth.


Sarawak, Malaysia

A lot of you may not have heard of this place yet, but it is another promising holiday destination to educate kids. There is one place that you should check out – Matang Wildlife Center. They have an orangutan conservation project where kids can be part of.

It is not only an opportunity to have a close encounter with animals, but will also be a chance to learn about their habitats and the dangers that confront them in the future.



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