Glitter Slime Baff

Ooh my goodness, this stuff is WIERD!

Glitter Slime Baff


You make your bath and then just evenly and gently sprinkle the slime bath stuff on top. That’s it for an ooey-gooey glittery slime bath.


The kids loved it of course.

I had palpitations about whether it would leave my white bath purple bt, of course, it did not,though it took a bit of rinsing away!  I say of course but you know I was still relieved . My towels came lovely and clean later too and the kids..well they had the best time.

What could be more fun than a gunky, glittery bath!

It costs just £4.62 and is a really fun gift idea!

You can buy it here



Glitter slime baff by Zimpli Kids


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