How to get your baby photo ready

How to get your baby photo ready with these top tips

Baby photo shoots can be so stressful can’t they. I have had disasters! My baby has cried, soiled their nappy, looked utterly miserable and not engaged at all!


Getting your baby photo ready, How to get your baby photo ready


How to get your baby photo ready

What can we do to prepare our little ones for a photo shoot and how can we do our best to make sure that they are a success.


Familiarity with accessories

Lots of photographers like to use props such as fur rugs and cuddly toys as well as  baby headbands and hats and jack in the boxes. Getting babies slowly used to such items being around them or on their head prior to a photo shoot may help a great deal in helping the feel comfortable on the day.


Covering the basics

It may sound super obvious but ensuring the basics are covered will help your baby feel so much more content. it is well worth making sure they are fed before the shoot and that their nappy is both clean and dry. They need to be at the right temperature and not to be in need of a nap. I know that’s not always the easiest thing to control with a baby but if you schedule the photo shoot at a time you know they are usually awake them you are in with a chance at least! Life with a baby does not always go to plan though – as I am sure you know well!


How to get your baby photo ready – Use the right photographer

So, how to choose the right photographer? Hmmm …personally I would ask around. You wanted a photographer who is patient, creative, kind and understanding and most assuredly one who is not easily frazzled. I had one once who was so uptight about getting everything exactly right that both my baby and I ended up in tears! No new parent needs that in their life! So yes ask around for recommendations because personality is juts as important as skill when it comes to those baby photographs!

Check your own attitude

Do not have too high expectations and do not set too much store by the session. If you are stressed then your baby will be too – they always pick up on our vibes. Try and be as relaxed as possible and make sure you have rested and eaten too. Remember camera phone are so good these days, if it all goes pear shaped you can always recreate the session at home and have a DIY photo shoot. It will be much cheaper! And, it may even turn out a whole lot better.


How to get your baby photo ready is a collaborative post.  You might also like my post on simple ways to make a child feel loved


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