Florida on a budget? Here’s how to save some money

Florida on a budget – some useful advice.


Travelling to Florida on a budget, florida on a budget

Travelling to Florida on a budget? Here’s how to save some money

Given how popular Florida is among tourists, you might assume that taking your own trip there would be quite a pricey endeavour. However, it doesn’t strictly need to be – as long as you plan that sojourn cleverly. From booking the hotel through to travelling between attractions in the Sunshine State, you can save money at various stages – here are some examples of how.

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Travelling to Florida on a budget – top tips

A key part of your preparation will be booking the accommodation. You should be reassured that, to a large extent, Florida accommodation is only as expensive as you make it. The state has hotel options to suit a broad array of budgets.

You should, however, still be strategic about the location of your favoured accommodation. It goes without saying that, the closer your hotel is to the attractions you will spend most of your time visiting, the more you can save on the costs of travelling to those attractions and back.

Of course, it would also be beneficial if all of your favoured attractions are in close proximity of each other, allowing you to make relatively quick journeys between them. Stay in the city of Orlando, for example, and the world-renowned theme parks the Walt Disney World Resort and the Universal Orlando Resort would both be just a few miles apart. Orlando villas and other hotels are abundant.

Florida on a budget

Look up what free opportunities you can take in Florida on a budget

It looks like Janet Jackson probably wasn’t wrong when she sang that the best things in life are free, as the experience of holidaying in Florida can certainly back this up. There are various things that you can enjoy in the state without needing to spend a single cent.

Of course, travel costs might not be included in that; however, TripSavvy lists many of Florida’s free activities. You can, for example, head off to Clearwater Beach or Key West to watch the sun setting in a spectacularly beautiful fashion. Meanwhile, at Lakeridge Winery & Vineyards, you can freely taste some award-winning wines and join a tour taking in local wine-making facilities.

History buffs can have some free fun, too. That includes admiring over 150 restored aircraft at the National Naval Aviation Museum, which you can find at Pensacola’s Naval Air Station. A more poignant remnant of history can be seen at Miami Beach; we are referring to the stone-and-granite Holocaust Memorial, which recalls the deaths of six million Jews in the Holocaust.

Be careful with your travel options if you are travelling to Florida on a budget

If there are many attractions listed on your current itinerary, then it can really pay off for you to research various ways that you can travel between them. There are several options detailed by Your Amazing Places; you can, for instance, take an Amtrak train or a Greyhound bus.

An aeroplane, too, can be used for travelling between spots in Florida – though you might find that a particularly cost-effective method is renting a car. Compared to always relying on public transport, having a car at hand could give you much more flexibility about when you travel. However, renting instead of buying that car would also let you spend money on it only when strictly necessary.

Admire the beautiful scenery when travelling to Florida on a budget

There is no shortage of scenic eye-candy in Florida; you could be surprised by how much you can enjoy simply by walking around and keeping an eye out. One good example of a Florida setting allowing this kind of enjoyment is Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island.

In that part of Florida, you can head into the downtown area to window shop or take a self-guided tour around the historic district. Another downtown area that could be described as a feast for the eyes is that of Lake Placid. This town has been otherwise dubbed the Town of Murals due to the more than 40 enticing murals that appear on buildings here.


Florida on a budget?  Even the bins are artistic

Even the rubbish bins are good-looking in Lake Placid; look out for sculptured containers taking the shapes of a steam locomotive, turpentine bottles and stunning butterflies. These containers are rather randomly located around the town, tracking them down can be fun! It’s just one example of the little joys that Florida can offer for free.

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Florida on a budget – Over to you

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