Five great ways of getting kids to eat five-a-day

This is a guest post on behalf of Baker Ross

Breakfast vegetables, sneaky casseroles and shiny reward stickers – some super ways of getting kids to eat five portions of fruit and veg each day!

It is widely acknowledged that adults – and kids – need five 80g portions of fruit and veg a day as part of a balanced diet to help us stay healthy.

Here are some great ways of ensuring that kids get their five-a-day.

1.      Supermarket sweep – encourage kids to help you choose fruit and veg at the supermarket or local shop. Turn a shopping expedition into a game by asking your children to identify the names of fruit and veg on the shelf. Can they guess the weight and the price of the items you put in your trolley? Don’t forget you can let them choose tinned fruit and veg – they still count as part of the five-a-day total.

2.      Breakfast – breakfast is such an important part of the day; so why not let kids start racing to their five-a-day total as soon as they get up! A builder’s breakfast of grilled mushrooms, baked beans and grilled tomatoes can build towards that five-a-day goal and unsweetened fruit juice will give health-conscious kids a great head start. Adding sliced or chopped fruit to porridge and cereal is another good way of kick-starting the day.

3.      Packed lunches packed with goodness – put some crunch in your kids’ sandwiches with some leafy salad, grated carrots or creamy coleslaw. Dried fruit such as raisins and apricots won’t take up much space in lunchboxes but punches above its weight in terms of nutrients and vitamins. Celery sticks make a nice playground snack; kids love finger food as it offers a great chance to get a little messy with delicious dips such as hummus.

4.      After-school snack – to ward off pangs of hunger before dinner-time, make sure that healthy food is to hand. Grazing on seedless grapes left in a bowl on the living room table is far better than a packet of crisps.

5.      Get crafty at dinner time – dinner time is probably the last opportunity of the day for kids to reach the five-a-day total so it’s time to pull out all the stops. Dicing up vegetables and hiding them in delicious bubbly stews can fool kids reluctant to eat veg. A little sneaky perhaps but every bit helps!

Arts and Crafts suppliers Baker Ross has some great educational toys, games and products which can encourage young ones to eat healthily.
Baker Ross’s ‘Grub! Board Game’ is a great way of helping kids acquire knowledge of healthy eating. Children can play the game by answering true or false questions about food and healthy eating to earn ‘food’ wedges.









Once they are clued-up about the importance of a balanced diet, they can track their 5-a-day intake by using a ‘Magnetic 5-a-Day Healthy Eating Chart.










  Feeling good is a great incentive to eat well and Healthy Eating Reward Stickers offer even more motivation for children to eat up their greens. These stickers look great stuck on a lunchbox!












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