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Green & Black’s chocolate bars


The day Green & Black’s sent me lots of chocolate bars was eagerly awaited. Chocolate – mine all mine! (And it’s organic so it has to be good for you…right???) All that they requested was that I tried the chocolate then blogged about my findings so here we go…

Unfortunately I had a house filled with 3 other mums, loads of kids and my nosy hubby when the chocolate parcel arrived. I should have stashed the parcel till I was alone but greed overcame me (as usual) and as a result I had to share! The tasting verdicts were pretty unanimous (if not particularly scientific).



Butterscotch – ‘Absolutely bloody lovely’ (a tiny bit went a very long way)

White Chocolate – ‘Lovely, creamy and not overly sweet like other brands of white tend to be. Yum’

Cherry – ‘cherries chewy, very bitter, foul, could not eat it’

Milk Chocolate – ‘Happy days’ Dark chocolate ‘nice, smooth & just right’

Creamy Milk – ‘totally perfect’

70% dark chocolate – ‘divine’

Almond – ‘smooth and with a good amount of almonds’

Apart form the cherries we were all very happy with our chocolate.

Good value?
Green & Black’s are in the process of making all their products fair trade so you know anything you spend is ethically used. Because a little goes a long way this is a good value product. I think a bar of Green and Black’s and a single flower is the loveliest little gift and won’t set you back more than £3. Go on treat yourself (or your loved one) to a bit of gorgeousness.


Splash About Happy Nappy Swim Nappy


Splash About Happy Nappy Swim Nappy (£6.99) FunSwimShop ( sent me this gorgeous re-usable Splash About swim nappy to trial and how cute is it! My daughter looked so sweet and had a couple of lovely compliments as she made her way into the pool.

I have to admit I was a bit nervous ….I have never tried the non-disposable type of swim nappy before and kept worrying it might leak. But no all was well and she clearly felt comfortable and had a fab splashy time. She definitely had a wee in it (she tells me) but nothing came out. Hurray! You can use a flushable nappy liner and washable nappy wrap for ease of washing but the Splash About Happy Nappy works perfectly all by itself and washes beautifully.

Good value? We used size XL (12-24) months and at this size the product will last 12 months and get about 50 wears (minimum). Disposable swim nappies cost about £4 for 10. It is definitely a good saving and environmentally sound too. If you go on holiday where your child would be in and out the water you would save a lot more money. There is also the ‘green’ factor of reusable products that makes this so attractive.

Also available in this range is the Splash About Frou Frou Girls Costume Top, a separate matching top (which is adorable) to go with the swim nappy should you want it.

FunSwimShop is well worth checking out it has loads of fun swim stuff and is both interesting and innovative.


Handmade in Heaven

Handmade in Heaven ( is a wonderful website offering baby products that are both lovely & practical as well as innovative & individual. All the items are exclusive and handmade and bespoke items are catered for giving customers choice of fabric, style, size etc. My samples to review arrived and 2 were just perfect for my good friends newborn son to trial.



The shoulder bib (£7.99) was instantly adored. Very cute and well made it fitted perfectly over my friends shoulder and she declared it gorgeous…so much better than her yucky grey muslin! It did look fantastic and we had never seen one before. She felt stylish in an instant.




The dummy bag (£8.99) was so cute and had a clip that attached it to the side of a buggy basket or car seat. Very useful. It was a good size and easily washable. Again a simple but absolutely practical, pretty item. My friend was more than delighted







My last sample was a set of pink gingham buggy harness pads (£7.99) which I attached to my own plain black Quinny. It was instantly ‘girlified’ and my daughter thought that they were delightful (my words not hers, she said ‘look mummy pink’ & beamed!) Again they did the job perfectly and looked fab.








Good Value?
New mummies always get bought loads of baby clothes. Do consider treating a new mummy to one of these useful, beautiful items instead, they will feel uber stylish and really appreciate the quality and purpose of your gift far more than a designer babygro that will set you back considerably more money. Handmade in Heaven is the most perfect place to buy a very unique baby gift that mums will ADORE and that you can afford.

P.S Gorgeous headscarves, laptop bags, buggy bags phone holders designed to your specifications are also available …try and not get too carried away! Though they always discount multiple purchases.

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