Family Holidays 2012 Tips and Advice

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Travelling with children, particularly young children, can be quite stressful but by following some of these tips from you can be as prepared as possible for your 2012 family Holiday

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Always ensure that you double check your travel times.

Before you go to sleep the night before you travel, be it to your destination or home, just double check your paperwork, e-mails or even call up to confirm bookings and their times. This can hopefully avoid you being at the airport too early, which will be a high priority especially if you have young children with you. Set yourself more than
one alarm and make sure that everyone knows what time they have to be ready to leave the house for, if possible quote a slightly earlier time to make sure that everyone is definitely ready. If you are able to book priority boarding or even check in online then perhaps consider these options to allow your family to spend minimal time travelling and hopefully spend more time relaxing and enjoying your time together.

Prepare your baggage with care.

Be sure of guidelines regarding baby food, liquids and other items that you can or cannot travel with. Ensure that you have suitcases that meet the size requirements for travelling and make sure that you weigh your cases so you can be aware of any potential charges before you hit the airport. You will not be allowed to board with liquids of
more than 100ml in your hand luggage and you may only travel with sterilised water in a babies bottle, formula, breast milk, soya milk, cows milk and baby food. Bear this in mind when packing and ensure that you do not exceed guideline amounts as items will have to be discarded if so.

Think about the travel needs of your children.

If you are going to be travelling with young children then considering taking a light pushchair or pram to ensure that they do not slow you down when travelling through the airport. You will be able to board the plane with your stroller but will need to advise of this at check-in to get the necessary luggage tag. If you are going to be travelling with a car chair, travel cot or other ‘non essential’ item then you may find yourself facing additional charges for oversized
baggage. This can be quite costly so it is always worth checking if you can use a travel cot or other needed piece of equipment when you arrive at your hotel rather than taking it with you.

Pack some entertainment for the children and for yourself.

Waiting around at the airport can be quite boring, as can sitting on a plane for hours, so pack some books, small travel games and other items. If you are going to be taking electronic devices then ensure that they are well protected when packed and that they have their relevant chargers also. Ensure that when necessary you take the electronic devices from your children and turn them off, this is usually during take off and landing in the plane but the captain or crew will advice when this is necessary. When moving from the airport to the plane ensure that you keep these items on you so that your children cannot misplace them or damage them in any way while walking through the terminal.

Speak to your children before you travel.

By simply speaking to your children, especially older ones, about some of the things that they are going to see and experience you may be able to remind them of some of the potential dangers that can be around. Remind your children that you have to be on a plane at a set time or they will not get to enjoy their holiday and hopefully you can make sure that they are as ready as they can be and as cooperative as possible.

With some simple forward planning you should hopefully have an amazing holiday with your children and your family and before you know it the holiday will be over and you can begin to plan your next one safe in the knowledge that you got through it successfully the first time!


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