Don’t throw money at your resolutions (there is a better way)

Okay so  you resolve to be fit in 2o17; you could join a gym/shop the sales for new sports clothes/join a slimming club…..there are just so many ways to throw money at your resolutions,


you could tuck away your credit card and raid the penny jar instead.

Resolving to get fit and healthy on a budget is just so easy these days. Here are some ideas that will cost you very little but if you use them (that’s the key) then it really will make a difference.

You could buy one of these Product Details, money at your resolutionsfor £1.99.

You could write down your goals and targets in a food  journal and  make a diary date with peers for a walk /jog twice a week. You could ick up an exercise DVD used off Amazon and do that twice a week too.

The second option is MUCH more likely to work and will cost several hundred pounds less.

Willpower and ‘new stuff’ does not a fit mama make. You need routines, commitment, written goals and useful tools. Sometimes you need to able to focus whilst your kids are around sohaving what you need at home rather than tied up in a club of some kind can be much more accessible.

Good Luck with your resolutions and keep exercising that thrifty muscle!




  1. January 5, 2014 / 8:37 pm

    I think I’ve already failed here – having treated myself to a new filofax – this year I will be organised!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Xmas and New Year xx
    Emily recently posted..The 2013 Show…My Profile

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