Does your child have a regular eye test?

I book the hairdresser every six weeks, I take them to the dentist every six months. I check my children’s school shoes regularly for wear and tear and to make sure they still fit. I regularly check hair for nits and de-louse as required (ick!) I buy lovely bath stuff for their skin and a sensitive conditioner for their hair. I ensure they do regular exercise and have a good night’s sleep every night. I make sure they most definitely get their five a day and do not eat too much junk.

In every way I can think of I look after my children’s physical health.

But what about eye tests?

Does your child have a regular eye test

Has your child has an eye test recently? I have to admit my kids haven’t had one for absolutely ages.

Why not?

Well they don’t seem to have any problems with their eyesight so I just haven’t thought about it.

But then who made me an expert?

I have just been reading a report by eye experts Optegra Eye Health Care.  Optegra offers treatment for all medical eye conditions. They also offers vision correction – laser eye surgery and lens replacement. They operate 23 eye hospitals and clinics in the UK, China, Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.

Basically when it comes to eye care they know what they are talking about.

In their report Optegra have discovered that  one in five adults do not realize children even need regular eye tests. At the same time  96 per cent of UK optometrists ?say correcting vision in children can have a positive impact on learning and development.

So fundamentally eye tests DO matter.

I absolutely didn’t realise this was a necessity despite having had sight issues all my life.

Eye health just does not seem to be on most parents radar, yet clearly it should be.

Dr. Clare O’Donnell from Optegra Eye Health Care, says:

“It is so easy to focus on perfect school uniform, smart haircuts, PE kits and pencil cases. And it is easy to forget a really important test – your child’s eyesight. A simple, quick and free eye test can reassure you that your child’s vision is as good as it can be, or recommend glasses if necessary. If children cannot see clearly, working with a whiteboard or close-up paperwork can prove a huge and avoidable challenge.”

It is not money that is a factor here. It is more about awareness. In the UK all school children up to age 16 are eligible for a free annual eye test, as well as 16-18 year olds in full time education.

Being able to see well is so important and really can impact on a child’s education, their ability to perform their best at sport and function well generally.  We don’t need to wait till tell tale signs arise, a speedy once a year check can keep us well informed about our children’s eye health.

Back to school time is a great time to add this to our list of things to do to prepare a great year ahead for our kids.

Why don’t you (and I) get one booked in for our kids today?



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  1. September 15, 2017 / 10:50 pm

    My youngest was just turned 3 when I noticed she was starting to squint – she’s been wearing glasses and a patch for almost a year now. I tell anyone who asks about her patch that they can have their child’s eyes tested for free on the NHS – it is so important!

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