Do you want to write non fiction? 10% off London Writers Club teleclass.

If you are interested in writing and need some expert help the teleclass below could be for you. I have managed to get out lucky readers 10 % off so please cite baby budgeting if you book. It starts November 15th so do have a look soon.

Bookings open now


Who is it for – It is for beginners with an idea right through to those who have started writing and who want to make sure it is right before continuing.

 Whether you’ve just an idea, have started writing, or almost finished, this masterclass will give you access to non-fiction’s top people and move your book to the next level.

Week 1 – Have you got a book in you?  Jacq Burns:

What might it be? How to ensure you find your unique offering. You’ll learn how to turn your idea, your business or your passion into a non-fiction book.

 If you’ve started writing, this is a great review to ensure your book is all that it could and should be before you begin the pitching process.

 If you are earlier on in the process you’ll find all the inspiration and how-to you need to make your book really work.

 Week 2 – What are publishers really looking for? Kate Adams:

 What really catches their eye? Find out about the latest trends in non-fiction. And top tips for making your idea stand out.

 There is an established route to publication, Kate will tell us how to make it easy on yourself and follow ‘the rules’. Or if you really want to go your own way, she has advice for that too.

 Kate will use examples from commissioning bestsellers at Penguin as well as writing her own book, which will be published by Hodder in May.

 Week 3 – From inspiration through perspiration  –  John Williams:

 From idea to writing the book, John’s tips for surviving the writing process.

 The drafting process, how you work with an editor, how a book and your idea changes as you write.

 Building communities, playing with Amazon, online and offline promo, where your book fits and the author’s indispensible tool, the marketing funnel.

 Week 4 – How to woo an agent – Kirsty McLachlan:

 You stand a much better chance of getting published and getting a good contract if you have an agent but you have to get your approach just right.

 How to make your submission package of pitch and proposal stand out in the slush pile.  How to choose the right agent and what agents are looking for.

 The back door routes to getting to an agent. Building your platforms. What an agent does for their commission and what you should expect from an agent.

For more information head on over to  and if you have no budget but still want to write head on over to your library and order the Writers and Artists yearbook 2010.

Good Luck!


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