Deep cleaning tips for baby’s arrival

Today – Deep cleaning tips for baby’s arrival

A baby’s arrival into your home is one of the most exciting and joyous occasions to look forward to. Sooner, rather than later, you will realize that this little bundle of joy will take over your entire world – commanding all of your love, attention, and care. And as a new parent, you can hardly wait for it to happen!

Before you bring your new baby into your home, there are a couple of dozen (or more) things that you need to do to prepare for this arrival. One of the most important things is to deep clean your home.

Why is this important?

Well, your tiny little bundle of joy is defenseless, pure, and does not have a robust immune system yet. Almost everything around your home could be a source of worry or danger when your little one is around. Deep cleaning your home will ensure that you get rid of germs, bacteria, dust, and any sort of allergens that can affect your baby’s health.

Deep cleaning tips for baby’s arrival


Deep cleaning tips for baby’s arrival

Here are the best ways in which you can deep clean your home for your baby’s arrival:


Start by decluttering

The very first thing that you can do to prepare your home and clean it for your baby’s arrival is to declutter. Sounds pretty easy, right? Well, it’s not.

In this case, decluttering does not mean the same thing as you would do for your spring cleaning. In fact, it is a far more arduous and in-depth process. You will have to throw away absolutely anything that is not useful to you anymore – even if you feel quite attached to it. You need to make space for your new baby. You might think, how can such a tiny creature possibly take up so much space? Well, prepare for a big surprise! Your little bundle of joy will end up taking most of the room in your home, so start decluttering at the earliest!


Clean the baby’s toys

As any new, excited parent would, you too have surely bought dozens of new toys for your baby to play with once they arrive. Well, these toys also need a thorough deep cleaning before they can get anywhere near your kid. Depending upon the material of the toys, you can entire steam clean them, clean them with soap and water by hand, or make a spray of water and distilled white vinegar and clean the toys with that.

An important thing to keep in mind is – make sure you don’t use any harsh chemical cleaners for your baby’s toys. Your baby will most probably put everything in their mouths, as any baby has a habit of doing. The residue of harsh chemical cleaners may stay back on the toys, which your baby might lick or swallow. Try and use mild, organic cleaners or homemade cleaners that you make at home. Sometimes you can even sterilize the baby toys, which is a great way to get rid of those nasty germs. It is important to regularly and continuously clean these toys, as they might be in constant contact with your baby.

Cleaning out the air ducts

You will never realize just how dirty your air ducts are till you actually clean them. Before your baby’s arrival, make sure that you hire a professional to clean your air ducts. This will immensely improve the air quality of your home and ensure that your baby breathes in safe and pure air in this new environment, which he will call ‘home.’ A good idea is to invest in a quality air purifier for babies.


The baby’s sleeping place

You will most probably buy a cot or a crib where your baby will eventually sleep in. Before your baby arrives, make sure that you sanitize the cot entirely. This includes cleaning the actual structure of the cot using cleaning products, cleaning all the pillows, blankets, soft toys, and anything else that you will put into the cot. Again, make sure that you use kid-friendly cleaners.

Organic cleaners might be the right choice for this, but you can also buy cleaning products specifically for newborns. Make sure that you sanitize entirely all the cloth items in which your baby will sleep.


Deep cleaning tips for baby’s arrival

The floor and carpets

Depending upon what kind of floors you have in your home, you will need to thoroughly and adequately deep cleaning the rugs, carpets, walls, and the actual flooring. You can choose to steam clean it, which is very useful in killing germs and bacteria. You can also use cleaning products, but again, make sure that they are non-toxic and don’t exude fumes, which may irritate the new baby.


Cleaning out the bathroom

Of course, your newborn baby is not going to hop into the shower soon after his arrival. Still, it is essential to clean your bathroom thoroughly anyway. You might bathe your baby there or simply keep specific items in the bathroom, which are meant for your baby. You cannot do this in peace if you know that your toilet is dirty, unclean, or unhygienic. Deep clean your bathroom by starting with the floors, and moving on to the tub, the sink, the shower, and finally, cleaning out all the cabinets and drawers.


You can use more reliable cleaners for the bathroom because this is one room in the house that actually needs it. You can create an easy to use spray bottle cleaner which you can regularly use for cleaning your shower. Create this solution by mixing water, distilled white vinegar, and just a few drops of a mild smelling essential oil. Spray this on the mirrors, sink, shower, glass, etc. to regularly clean them, even after the baby’s arrival.

Replace items with new ones

There are really a ton of items in your home which you have had for way too long. With the new baby’s arrival, you can start thinking about replacing them with new ones. These can include your shower curtains, bed linen, pillow covers, and absolutely anything you see around your home that you can afford to replace. It’s an excellent time for a change, isn’t it?

There are numerous things you will need to deep clean, and you can make the task easier on yourself by creating a list. It might also be a good idea to hire professional help to do specific cleaning jobs, just to be thorough about it and also get a helping hand!


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