Cubby Kit – monthly craft box

I was sent a Cubby Kit to review and from the second it arrived the kids were intrigued. What was this brown parcel addressed to them. What were in the myseterious brown bags inside? Hmmm…



The Cubby kit is essentially a pre packed, home delivered  craft box based on a particular theme.

Each box is reviewed by children and designed by parents.

In the box we recieved the theme was Outer Space. It contained the following projects:

Foam Rocket Assemble and decorate a toy rocket to fly around the galaxy

2 Papier-Mache Planets Make the sun, moon and earth out of papier mache, and decorate them with paint 3

Constellations Wall Chart Create and decorate your own wall chart with connect the dots stars, glitter and pens to help you identify constellations at night

You can order them for 3-4 or 5-6 year olds on a monthly or yearly subscription. The boxes cost £19.99 monthly. they come with free postage and you can cancel at anytime. A yearly subscription is £199, 2 boxes come free, and there is also free postage.

Our view?

My children had so much fun discovering these projects. We had lots of time to work on them as they were ready prepared. They contained easy to follow instructions and great quality end results. I would perhaps not have touched on space with my daughter (shame on me! but she always wants to craft flowers, people and fairies ) but she was fascinated by  the subject and it was great to introduce her to these concepts through craft.


I would absolutley LOVE someone to buy this as a gift for my children.  There was no dashing to the shops or having to improvise because we didn’t have the right things for  the craft…everything was there. It gave me more time to craft with the kids as less time needed to orgainse myself and prepare.

For a craft-reluctant  family or the novice crafter this is a brilliant way to start crafting.

cubby kit


We craft a lot as a family and I have lots of craft bits and bobs and craft books already. I am on a small budget so this isn’t something I would sign up to right now.  But I did love it and highly recomend the quality of this product. For an unconfident or time limited parent keen to craft with their kids this is perfect

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  1. April 3, 2012 / 8:47 am

    This is right up my street. As a non-craft loving parent (shock horror I hear you cry!) this concept is great for me.

  2. Catherine
    April 13, 2012 / 5:54 pm

    This does look like a great concept and extremely high quality but at nearly £20 a month there are cheaper alternatives out there for the more budget minded parents. One I found was who essentially offer the same, 3 all-in-the-box packs free delivery but for £11 a month.
    Its great to have options I guess, depending on your situation.

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