Clearing out your clothes

I have been having a good clear out recently.


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I tend to do this in January, partly because with more stuff coming in the house at Christmas I feel the need to get rid of some old stuff and make room! But also because January brings with it promises to ourselves doesn’t it to sort out our problem areas.


My promises are nearly always the same:

1. To lose weight

2. To be more organised
3. For my home tidier
4. To raise £1000 as a family for our chosen charity each year

The first 3 areas are obviously my problem areas and the middle 2 demand I declutter!  I am always time short so decluttering is something that often gets left on the back burner but I  have pushed myself to get to it.Having too much ‘stuff’ means clothes are stuffed in drawers and storage areas are overcrowded. I needed to sort out the clothes.

I had already sold on the better outgrown children clothes like the Boden pieces and those from Mothercare ( I always got good deals at Mothercare  they have great sales, their clothes always resold well on eBay and their quality always meant they lasted) However I still had a number of clothes to sort .


I made four piles:
1 pile to pass the better clothes to a friends with s younger daughter(straight in a bag into the car and out the house)
1 pile for fabric recycling (stained ripped unrepairable)  straight in another bag in the car and ready to take for recycling
1 pile for the charity bag  again straight int he car ready to drop off.
1 pile for ebay – sadly only quite small as most of the good quality items have already been sold.

1 or 2 very special items have made it into the kids special trunks where memories are held and a couple of items have been placed to one side for possibly upcycling into a quilt.

Drawers and storage  are now much less jammed.I can find what I want straight away and a few pounds will be made, another family will get a bunch of new clothes and the charity should make a bit of money plus we have done our but for recycling. For just 1 hours work I am feeling great and am actually getting somewhere with my resolutions.


Now I just need to get the cake out the house too!




  1. Actually Mummy...
    January 18, 2013 / 11:32 am

    I always feel so much better when I’ve had a good declutter. Good luck with the weight loss – I’m doing the same…
    Actually Mummy… recently posted..ApologiesMy Profile

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