A Fantastic Christmas Gift for £3

So how would you like to create a fantastic Christmas gift for £3?

Christmas Gift for £3


Think it’s not possible? Think it won’t be that special?

Well, think again, because this is really fabulous, super speedy and uber easy.


First, we popped to Flying Tiger and bought a clip frame A4 size for £3.

Then we jumped on over to Diary of a frugal family and my daughter ( who was making this gift for a friend) listed all the things her friend loves into the epic, free poster maker. She thought about things her friend liked to do, to eat and the people she loved.

It took no more than a couple of minutes. Then she chose colours she knew her friend would like.

The poster maker was super simple to use and a lot of fun. It also make a bespoke and entirely unique gift which is pretty amazing for £3.

Then it was simply a matter of printing.

Ta da….we absolutely love it and plan to make a few more.

What a very special gift for the teeny tiny sum of £3.

If you check out the charity shops you may be able to get your A4 frames even cheaper!

As well as making a poster for a gift for someone, you could also make a traditions one for your family as Cass has done for the Bailey family in the example below.


Family Christmas Traditions Poster Maker


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