Kiddiwinkles, cabin bed storage solutions and fabulous playtents

Have you heard of Kiddiwinkles?

Kiddiewinkles have a gorgeous interiors collection perfect for children and babies.

Theyhave a co-ordinating range of room accessories add the finishing touches to bedrooms, nurseries or playrooms.  To make each product extra special they can all be personalised with a name( beautifully embroidered onto the fabrics. Children love to have their name on things don’t they? It makes it uniquely theirs.

I’m not sure if you ever grow out of that actually, I have a personalised pen I adore. Sorry I digress.


Let me show you a few of my favourite items – they sell prints, playhouses, play mats, toy baskets and laundry baskets and more!

How cute is this storage basket for cuddlies, games , fancy dress all sorts really.


And play tents for indoors and out are just the perfect place for imaginary play tor to read a book and have a little quiet time (wishful thinking!)  How lovely if they did this beach hut in grown up sizes too!


One of my absolutely favourite items Kiddiwinkles sells is this brilliant storage solution for a cabin bed

It is made from quilted 100% cotton  and is a bedside Pocket Organiser.


It is designed to help keep things easily within reach such as books, drinks, cuddly toys and a torch. These clever organisers slip under the mattress and feature two pockets. My daughter has a cabin bed so can’t have a bedside table and this has proved to be a perfectly simple yet stylish solution.  (please do excuse the messy bedroom!)



My daughter loves it and has been stashing her diary and reading book in it.

Such a lovely store.








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