Budget ideas for home decor

Budget ideas for home decor – lets take a look.


Budget ideas for home decor

Today – Budget ideas for home decor

Are you looking for budget ideas for home decor? A new year comes around and makeovers are on everybody’s mind, aren’t they? My thoughts always turn to doing up my home rather than making over me – far less pain!

Are you also pinching pennies but still want to re-do your home and give it that fresh new look? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover 7 of the most budget-friendly and easy budget ideas for home decor you can get started with to take things up a notch. You really don’t need to break the budget to have a lovely home and having a lovely home really will make you happier.

Spice Up a Wall

This one’s the simplest and easiest way to re-do your space and have it look different without burning a hole in your wallet. All you need is a couple of cans of paint or a nice new wallpaper and some time to brighten up and add some freshness to a dull, boring and plain wall. Call your friends or rope in the kids and in no time at all and with little outlay, you really will have a brand new look. Have a peek or two at some youtube tutorials if you lack confidence. Once you have done a couple of decorating sessions you will be absolutely fine and your confidence really will grow quickly



Repurposing, aka putting old things to use, is another effective and budget-friendly way to re-do your space without having to spend a lot. Look at items around your home that you probably don’t use, and brainstorm ideas on how you could use them to revamp your home. For example, old t-shirts and shirts can turn into great cushion covers and an old ladder can be painted and used as a bookshelf or a repurposed shelf for your room. I love ideas for recycling and have a wealth of them on my upcycling Pinterest board if you fancy a peek.


budge home decor ideas, budget ideeas for home decor


Change the Covers

What’s an absolute no-fuss and straight up successful way to change how you feel about your room?  It is this! Just change the covers for any or all furniture items in your home- your couch, your bedroom sheets and hell even your curtains! It is so inexpensive to alter your duvet covers too,  and there are so many stylish and cheap options that you really can do this regularly! Or simply buy all seasons duvet from Homescapes!

Do a Bottle Display

Do you love the stained glass effect but don’t have enough time and money to get it for your home? Mimic that effect with different coloured glass bottles! Get your hands on some and fill ‘em up with flowers or coloured stones, or even just leave them like that- on a bookshelf or your windowsill and watch how it transforms your space. Colour is immensely powerful and can bring such beauty to your life and space.


bottle display, budget home decor ideas, budget ideas for home decor


DIY Some Artwork

Nope – don’t laugh and insist you don’t know how to paint. Art is for all of us.

If you don’t want to spend a lot on the transformation of your space but still want to give it a nice, personal feel then do consider some DIY art. Look up some good DIY tutorials of everything from doing simple paintings and having them up on the walls of your homes, to going all in with woodworking projects and making new pieces out of old furniture items. You might find you absolutely love doing this and that it becomes a truly fabulous new hobby,


Bring in the Plants

Oh, you really cannot beat a bit of green in the house now can you?

Plants, regardless of whether they are fake or real, can add that fresh touch to your inner space. While living plants do require a bit of care and attention, they are totally worth it. They add life and vitality and decoration to space in a way nothing else can. Apart from adding to the aesthetic appeal of your home, they also purify the air in the home and invite more positivity into it. I love to see a home filled with a few plants and it really is a budget but beautiful way to jazz up your home decor.


Budget ideas for home decor

Get Those Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are literally all over the place in those magical looking Pinterest pictures and your favourite Instagram blogger’s home, and there’s a reason why! They’re super cheap and easy to work with and brighten up a room in seconds. You can arrange them over the headboard of your bed, fill them inside a large glass jug or bottle and immediately make your space look wow! A bit of bling and a bit of sparkle make everything festive and make everyone smile.



Over to you for more budget ideas for home decor

I do hope you have enjoyed this post on Budget ideas for home decor – transforming and updating your home for less is totally doable without a great deal of money you just need a little courage and a can-do attitude as well as a hefty dose of creativity.

Now I hand over to you.

I would absolutely love to hear your budget ideas for home decor that you might add to my list, what you have tried and if you are inspired to try anything I have suggested. If I was going to pick two quick wins to from my list I would go for the fairy lights and plants. For £20  or less you have a happy update that won’t fail to make you smile.

You can find many more of my home decor on a budget post below, I hope you find them useful.


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See you soon and happy decorating everyone!  You can also find me budgeting over at Thrifty Home and Serious Saver


I do hope you have enjoye dthis post on budget ideas for home decor



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