Book Review: Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care

Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care

This book is subtitled the ultimate guide to the toddler years and is full of the direct, solid advice you would expect from Supernanny hereself.

For me the supernanny approach has some hits and some misses.


I love her touchstones for the toddler years (basically her top 8 tips) and feel she models them beautifully in practice. Jo Frost does

communicate clearly

adopts a positive mindset

repeats again and again

is consistant

gives encouragment

estblishes routines

has realistic excpectations and

sets boundaries

and I totally agree these are essentials to raising a happy, confident, well behaved toddler.

The book takes you through your own emotional journey. managing work, time , transitions and your relationships. It looks at family rules, safety, discipline, play, siblings, potty training, etc. It is quite prescriptive and direct but that is Jo’s manner and clearly she gets results.

I have to say I am not in favour of her naughty spot technique I think its quite victorian and harks back to being made to sit in a corner and having a dunces hat on your head. I think children end up complying because they have had their spirit broken a little or given up the fight. That said I don’t have very compliant kids…so there you go!

Jo Frost’s Confident Toddler Care is a tremedously useful book to the first time parent, so thorough it even talks through clipping nails which I remember finding such a probelm it made me cry! The toddler years can feel like a minefied but this book has many solutions.

I was sent my copy of Jo Frost’s Confident Todder Care for review from Waterstones.


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