Back to school hair care tips

Back to school looms large on the horizon.

Just 3 more days to go.

I am  desperately trying to get myself and the kids geared up for it and tbh I am struggling. I have no name tags, they are still not waking up before 9 am and the new school shirts have not arrived agggh!

What I do have in hand though is back to school hair care.

The lovely folks at Vosene sent me a little hamper containing their Lice repellent 3 in 1 shampoo and their conditioning leave in defence spray.


That’s one big ‘fight the nits’ tick off the list!

school hair care tips

I blooming hate nits.

Both my kids have a lot of curly hair. My daughter in particular has really long hair too and even the possibility of nits means a long time and a lot of effort just exploring.

The 3 in 1 shampoo is a gentle shampoo and conditioner that also contains natural tea tree and lemon eucalyptus oil, it  helps to prevent head lice when used alongside the conditioning defence  spray. The conditioning defence spray smells so lovely  and is a fabulous de-tangling leave in spray that smoothes hair too. This works so well!  It contains natural ingredients such as citronella oil which also helps prevent lice.

Both bottles are priced at £2.54 and are available in all the big supermarkets

It’s also worth ensuring long hair is tied back and preferably up and that your child knows to keep their head apart from their friends when working or playing. Check regularly too and do alert school asap if your child has nits.

May  you have a nit free term!

Do pop over to Vosene for some more great back to school tips



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