Automated Storage Lifts Help You Live Large In a Small Kitchen

Guest Post – Automated Storage Lifts 

Do you drool over the designer kitchens in cooking shows and magazines? Do you imagine that you would cook more and eat out less if your kitchen was better equipped? Do you find it stressful to try to prepare food in a kitchen that’s cramped and filled with clutter? Would better access to storage space and more organization help you feel like firing up the stove more often?

Automated Storage Lifts


Automated Storage Lifts

The fact is that eating out or buying prepared foods such as frozen dinners costs far more than making your own meals from scratch. So it may be smart to put in a small investment to create a kitchen that makes it easier to eat well on a budget. An automated storage lift is a very low cost renovation that can do wonders to streamline your kitchen.


What to Look for in automated storage lifts

A well-made storage lift should outlast your dishwasher, your refrigerator, your stove and just about any other appliance you own. And, it should require no maintenance other than a wipe down with a damp cloth if there’s a spill. Here are five more things you should insist on so you aren’t wasting money:

·         Ease of installation (if you can make this a DIY project, it costs even less)

·         Safe design with anti-pinch technology to prevent harm to fingers

·         Water resistant design since kitchens can occasionally be moisture-intensive environments

·         Smooth, quick, quiet operation that makes the mechanism a pleasure to use

·         A solid five year warranty to ensure satisfaction


Where to Put a Hidden Storage Lift

Automated lifts work great in the “dead” corners in your countertops. You can have one drop down from inside a cabinet or up from under the counter. If there is space behind your sink faucet in the backsplash area, that’s another option. Inside a kitchen island is also popular location. You could even put a drop down lift in the pantry to make use of vertical storage space. Any enclosed space that’s difficult to get to is an ideal location for a lift that brings your kitchen supplies to you at the push of a button.


Automated Storage Lifts


This is where things get creative! Even a small, compact unit can easily lift over 100 pounds. This means it can handle even heavy countertop appliances. Here are a few of the items you might stow out of sight in your kitchen:

·         Microwave

·         Toaster

·         Blender

·         Stand mixer

·         Extra dishes

·         Spice rack

·         Wine rack

You can even make some wooden shelving to mount on a popup lift if you have a talent for carpentry. That means your cookbook collection can have a place of its own at last. That’ll encourage you to start saving money by cooking homemade meals for sure!


Automated Storage Lifts


This post is courtesy of Nexus 21, maker of high-quality TV and hidden storage lifts. I hope you have found this post on Automated Storage Lifts  to be useful



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