Arla Organic and Free Range Milk Review


Today – Arla Organic and Free Range Milk Review

Arla recently conducted some research that revealed Britain’s Mums and Dads aren’t always clear what it means to buy organic versus free range milk.

Do you know the difference? My 10 year old was unsure what organic was though had some concept of free range as we buy free range eggs.


Arla Oragnic and Free Range Milk Review



Arla Organic and Free Range Milk Review

Free range

We are family of animal lovers and the fact Arla Organic milk is free range is something we love. Being free range means that the cows are grazed outside whenever possible. Milk can be free range without being organic as free range only relates to the ‘grazing’ requirements.

But the good news is that Arla milk is organic too!



When you  buy organic milk it guarantees that additional standards are met on animal welfare, caring for wildlife, sustainability and production quality. Arla’s organic cows graze outdoors on grass and clover and no weed killers or artificial fertilizers are used. This is good news both for the animals and our health, There system of farming is bee-friendly and encourages wildlife and biodiversity by avoiding manufactured chemical sprays. No GM animal feed is used and antibiotics are not used routinely.

Isn’t that all just brilliant?

My daughter thought all this was brilliant too and that ALL milk should be like this!

Children naturally love animals and  care for nature so of course this makes perfect sense for them. It makes sense for us grown up’s too. And definitely for the cows.


Arla Oragnic and Free Range Milk


Taste test! – Arla Organic and Free Range Milk Review

My daughter has been trying it out for taste and thought it was delicious, she was also really interested to hear about why it was special.

Arla Organic Free Range Milk is available in Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and NISA supermarkets Personally I also found it a lovely refreshing drink. It’s also ethical and healthy which makes me feel really good about what I am feeding my little family.


Arla organic and free range milk


Come join the twitter party

Tots100 are hosting a Twitter party on WEDS at 8pm, and you can join in to chat more about family food, using the hashtag #ArlaOrganicFreeRange and by following @ArlaDairy on Twitter. Tots twitter party are always fun and friendly and informative so do pop along.



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