Amazin’ Amazon: From Pancakes to Guitar Straps

Last week I was asked to review some pancake products from Amazon, some Hershey choc syrup a pancake pan and a pancake mix from the Aunt Jemima range.

I thought this was hilarious. These are not things I would have thought of buying from Amazon but they are for sale than and actually it beats having to traipse to the supermarket in the hopes they have these thing s left by the time I remember to get them. So convenient to get them delivered too and its a quick 5 minute job to order off Amazon.


Sometimes too I think it is far cheaper to just nip and get what you need online than go to a store and be tempted in to all sorts of ‘bargains ‘ I don’t really need.  Our pancakes were low effort and easy just the way I like it on a school night but delicious too!

Today I whizzed into my husband’s wishlist on Amazon and grabbed him a guitar strap he had placed there for his birthday. I used to spend lots on him on entirely unsuitable gifts. Such a waste of money. Wishlists rule. make sure you always have one on the go for yourself just in case someone wants to treat you…this way you get exactly what you want.

Good shopping.You can pretty much get any product off Amazon these days!





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