A letter to my children about money

A letter to my children about money

Dear Frankie and Annalise,

It is really important to me that you are smart and sensible with money in your adult life. Money allows you to have nice things, opportunities, experiences and security. Debt and being poor bring many challenges socially and emotionally. I want you to have the good stuff. So you had better listen up!

I am hoping the advice I give you here really helps you as young adults when you go stepping out into the big wide world.

But I also hope I have prepared you well already… showing you by example how to live well and creatively on the money you have. I know I talk about budgeting a lot and I have always been clear with you about money and what I can and can’t afford.I know this might have seemed dull when I went on about the importance of saving but oh! I bet you are glad of those savings one day.


More than anything though I hope I have taught you joy is friends , sunshine, peace, nature, singing, storytelling, stars, wonder, grandparents, love and learning.

Not stuff. Never stuff. It just CANNOT compare to the precious gifts given freely in this beautiful world.

But I do know we  have also really indulged you too. Parties of your choice, lovely holidays and days out, nice clothes, lots of toys.. you have been very blessed with material things. You have had all these things because we worked very hard and because part of my job means we get to test out and review many lovely things too. You have been lucky.

I do hope you realise this.

Enjoy the good things you are given, don’t just take them for granted they took a lot of effort. Now you are an adult if you want nice things don’t just pop them on a credit card…work hard for them like we did. They taste so much sweeter that way.

If you are ever in a pickle with money we will help you sort out your pickle. We promise. Don’t let it ever get big and out of control come to us if ever you have a problem.  We love you daddy and I and we will always help you work out a plan. ALWAYS.

Fact:  ignoring a problem will not make it go away.

Bear the following advice in mind before you splash your cash as an adult….

Having kids doesn’t cost the earth but it does mean you have to be really smart with your cash. Try and learn to be smart first.

The best cars are safe cars, not fast cars. And bikes are better for the environment and your fitness. They are also much cheaper to buy and run.

The best weddings are unions built on love not those with  thousands of pounds spent on them.


Caravan holidays in Skegness will probably make you as happy as a week in Barabados. Wherever you go in life you always take yourself with you…so as long as you are fun and enthusiastic you can have a great time anywhere.

Fashions come and fashion go but a smile is priceless and the best accessory of any season.

Think before you splash your cash it isn’t always the answer.

Avoid materialism and greed. Switch off advertising, don’t try and keep up with the Jones, avoid wearing a shop label.. Be you, uniquely . Respect your environment and your pocket by recycling and reusing stuff.

I want the best for you. work hard, rest well and be creative.

Be smart with your money. THINK  BEFORE YOU SPEND.

Mummy loves you x


This is an entry into Think Money competition about the most important lesson to teach kids about money




  1. Anne
    September 11, 2013 / 5:52 am

    This is the best letter I have EVER read about both priorities, and penny-pinching. Our daughters are 9 and 5 and I am going to read it to both of them before we start allowances this year. I hope your don’t mind the plagiarism all the way across the pond in Denver, Colorado, but this is kind, smart, funny and something I wish my Mom had written to me 32 years ago when I was 9. Many, many thanks for your wonderful words.

  2. Becky
    September 11, 2013 / 6:24 am

    sh no i appreciate it ..thankyou for your lovely feedback

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