A Guide to Free Baby Stuff and How to Get It

Today – A Guide to Free Baby Stuff  and how to get it

Guide to Free Baby Stuff, A Guide to Free Baby Stuff and How to Get It, Free Baby Stuff

A Guide to Free Baby Stuff and how to get it

One of the most exciting and joyous times for any parent-to-be is welcoming your new baby into the world.  However, it can also be a highly daunting experience, particularly when it comes to modifying your financial situation.  Fortunately, there are ways to get around the expenses and this guide will show you how to take advantage of all free items available.  By using free baby stuff, you will be able to worry less and enjoy more time with your delightful infant!


Free Baby Stuff

Free Baby Stuff – Why Do Companies and Brands Give Away Free Baby Accessories?

Most companies would like you and your new baby to use their products free of charge; thereby, offering you support during the early months of parenthood and introducing you to their baby products brand.  The overall goal is not to make your life more comfortable, but to make you a return customer.

There are various competitions available on the market with new baby brands emerging daily giving away baby freebies.  The hope is to draw attention to their company and that you will opt for them over their rivals when it comes to purchasing your next pack of nappies or jar of baby food.


Where Can I Find Free Baby Stuff?

Nearly all baby brands and stores offer ‘baby clubs’ providing parents-to-be or new parents with freebies and websites offering support.  It is also possible to find some independent sites, such as Mumsnet, Emma’s Diary, and so on who offer coupons, discounts, giveaways, and much more on their websites.

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Most of these websites require you to subscribe to a newsletter or sign up for an account to use the rewards or benefits, but this is fine because they are all free to sign up!  Many of the sites will send you a starter pack with several free baby items helping you navigate your new role as a mother.

Each of the websites operate slightly differently.  For example, the Mumsnet website is a forum site; therefore, it is best to follow the forum threads where all mothers post about baby freebies searching for competitions and testing opportunities.  Typically, Mumsnet hosts these threads, but you can also find out about freebies from other parent posts regarding competitions on other websites.

Your Baby Club and many other types of baby websites will offer all types of baby deals for you putting them together in a single setting.  It is worthwhile subscribing to all of the websites on our list below as there are so many free baby items available from the different websites.


How Can I Claim the Free Baby Items, Coupons, Vouchers and Samples?

  1. Bounty

At Bounty, you can claim free packages for your baby.  It is also possible to receive some free trial free products or samples, such as newborn 24-pack nappies, extra sensitive wipes, George at Asda Bodysuits, money-off vouchers, and much more.


  1. Cow & Gate Baby Club

One of the attractive features of the Cow & Gate Baby Club is receipt of a free cuddly cow toy!  You can also receive a pregnancy diary, weekly emails providing you with personal advice from knowledgeable parents, a friend-finder app, and access to the Cow & Gate Careline if you need more support.


  1. Emma’s Diary

At Emma’s Diary you can receive many free items, including a free Johnson’s Baby and Pampers newborn essentials pack.  Vouchers are available including a Bonusprint photo-book voucher or a £200 off Argos money voucher (something that will come in useful once the baby is born).


  1. Heinz Baby Club

Heinz Baby Clubs is primarily a website devoted to money-off coupons, product trials and exclusive competitions.  They also offer some nutritional recipes and guides to ensure your new baby is eating a healthy diet.


  1. HiPP Baby Club

HiPP Baby Club is like Cow & Gate offering free photograph prints, personalised baby calendars, and support groups where you can chat to other mothers when you need some advice.  The website also provides new parents with exclusive competitions and offers.


Free Cash for New Parents

One of the most exciting options for new parents, when it comes to free baby stuff, is the cash-back website.  This type of website is ideal when claiming free money during shopping excursions.  Yes, this happens, and you can really earn cash for free without being scammed.  Many cash-back websites present hundreds of well-known retailers and are ideal when shopping online for baby items.


Two of the most popular websites are Quidco and TopCashBack to begin earning cash on your following purchase today.  If you are searching for a more specific item, then you should attempt a website like KidStart.  This website has been designed to assist in boosting your child’s overall savings.  You can earn cash while shopping, similar to other websites, but on KidStart the money will be placed in a savings account; therefore, you can earn revenue for your child’s savings while earning free cash when shopping online.


Free Baby Food and Drink Cashback Supermarket Apps

It is recommended that you subscribe to free apps to obtain discounts or freebies for your daily shop.  It is very simple to utilise and includes the following procedure:

–  download the free supermarket app and review the different freebies available on the app for your baby.

–  head to the nearest participating supermarket and retriever your freebie item.

–  scan the receipt from the app and earn 100% cash back making it free of charge.

This is a highly simple procedure and you can obtain so many free snacks, baby food jars and much more.  Moreover, it is not only supermarkets available as part of the process, it can also be used by stores including Superdrug or Boots.  It is recommended, however, that you review the terms and conditions before using the receipt for freebies.


Free Parent Testing Websites

Do you enjoy having an opinion?  Why not subscribe to different testing panels and exchange reviews for popular baby products that are emerging on the market.  All you need to do is create a profile, apply for baby-related campaigns, and all of this takes a view minute.  Below are some of the most popular websites to begin your parent testing process:


–  The Insiders

–  Toluna

–  Bzzagent

–  Trybe

–  Come Round

Come along and see what different freebies you can find.


How to Win Baby Stuff Using Giveaways and Competitions

If you find that you have some spare time between the chaos of looking of a newborn baby as a new parent, then why not opt for some competitions and giveaways.  This can be a good method of earning some free baby items!  Parents can win an outstanding amount of baby stuff, such as free baby packages, free prams, toys and much more.

Entering competitions for baby items can be an overwhelming task for many people, so it is important that you only do this when you are comfortable with the task.  For example, you can always retweet tweets or follow brands on Twitter and they will follow your account to direct message you should you win the competition.



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