6 ways to save money on your summer holiday

I have some fabulous ideas on how you can save money on your summer holiday this year. So why not grab a cup of coffee, have a seat and prepare to save some money by thinking outside the box.



 Stay at home

Don’t go on holiday. yep it is definitely an option. Staycations have been poplar for a couple of years now. A chance to see you own city, catch up with friends, visit your local theatre museums and parks and properly relax. With no travelling you will feel much more rested and gain and extra day, And then of course  there is no packing to think about either. Plus you will save a lot of money – guaranteed. Staycations rock.



Camping is great fun and cheap as chips. It is lovely do with friends and other families and you can go as far or as near as you like. After the initial investment in the equipment you really won’t be spending very much. Have a look at the camping and caravanning club to find loads of brilliant campsites here and abroad.


Find a cheap hotel

Cheap flights are pretty easy to come by but finding a great place to stay at the right price is a lot more complicated. You can spend hours trawling travel websites looking at hotels in the location  you are considering. However by being smart and using a comparison search engine like HotelsCombined you can search for exactly the type of accommodation  you want. You can also specify the locaton you want, dates and budget and you will very quickly been shown the best deals to be had. This could save you so much time and money.


Visit friends

Visiting friends who live somewhere completely different is a lovely way to have a cost free break.


House swapping

House swapping with friends who live somewhere lovely will feel even more like a holiday and again cost nothing!


Youth Hostels

Oh youth hostelling is a great way to see the UK and many have family rooms now. It is still an inexpensive way to travel and I have so many fond memories of doing this, particularly in the beautiful lake district!  Check out the YHA website to see the huge variety of youth hostels available.


So there truly are some great ways to save money on your summer holiday. In terms of buying anything new you might need to take with you why not check out deals queen  or hotdiscountcode.com to make sure you are getting any discounts possible on your purchases


Do you have any more ways to save to to share?









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