5 Ways to Cut the Cost of Baby Clothes

Ways to Cut the Cost of Baby Clothes


  Ways to Cut the Cost of Baby Clothes


Ways to Cut the Cost of Baby Clothes – top tips

Are you looking for ways to cut the cost of baby clothes?

Having a baby and raising a child is an enormous expense. Although you cannot put a price on the joy and happiness children bring, the financial impact is significant and can lead to difficult times.

First, you must pay out for essentials that include somewhere for your baby to sleep (like a cot), a high chair where they can sit to eat and equipment for them to be transported around in, such as a pram or car seat. On top of those things, you may still need to consider formula, nappies and toiletries – plus the ongoing expense that is clothing.

There are several things to consider when it comes to picking out items for a newborn, so here are


5 simple ways to cut the cost of baby clothes.


  1. Don’t buy too much in advance. Before the baby is born, it is tempting to buy the cutest garments you can find. While you will need clothes for when your precious bundle of joy returns home, newborn babies can have sudden growth spurts. This potentially means several outfits will go unworn and the money spent is wasted. You may buy a winter coat in preparation for the cold weather only to find when those chilly months arrive that your baby may have already outgrown it.
  2. Choose unisex clothes

    . You may already know what the sex of your baby is before it is born. Even if you don’t, it’s best to wait before buying that adorable dress or those boyish trainers. And f you’re planning on having more children, potential hand-me downs will be more likely to be worn again if you buy gender-neutral items.

  3. Raid your own wardrobe to help you cut the cost of baby clothes

    . One of the other inevitabilities of pregnancy is that you are going to get big, meaning your much-loved clothes simply won’t fit anymore for a while. Rather than being depressed about your temporarily redundant wardrobe, you can sell designer clothes online with musicMapie.co.uk and use the money on your baby. You will get an instant valuation for your clothes, sending off any garments is free and you’ll get some much-needed cash to spend.

  4. Buy second-hand. Although you may not be keen on the idea of kitting out your baby with second-hand clothes, more often than not you will find that the items available have only been worn once, twice or perhaps not even at all. As mentioned previously, babies tend to grow very quickly, with lots of clothes going unworn because they simply won’t fit. If you don’t want to buy second-hand baby clothes, then search for used equipment like high chairs, buggies, car seats, cots and playpens instead. The money you save can be put towards new baby garments.
  5. Government support for ways to cut the cost of baby clothes

    . As a pregnant woman or new mother, you may be entitled to a grant, child benefit, tax credits or free NHS prescriptions. These are usually means-tested and depend on individual circumstances, but if you can get it, it could mean you get that little bit of extra support to spend on your child. Contact HM Revenue & Customs to find out what you’re entitled to.


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  1. April 23, 2013 / 8:15 am

    “cant put a price on the joy and happiness they bring” mwahhahaha wait till they turn 10 or 11 and develop and attitude……

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