Ebuzzing is a great way to make money from blogging

Ebuzzing are looking to grow their large community of bloggers and have asked for my help!

 If you think this could be for you  you can sign up here at the ebuzzing registration page:

 Ebuzzing.co.uk,  part of the Wikio Group, allows you to display videos and publish articles about brands that you like, when you want, whilst earning. It’s a free service that pays excellent rates and has a strict code of ethics (posts are always marked as sponsored, for example) Creativity presentation and words are your own. There is definitely room to stamp your own personality on what you do with ebuzzing.

I have written about great deals at Pizza Hut and about community funding available through the Co op and well priced all in one desk top solutions from Dell. All great fodder for my baby budgeting readers and their families too.  In order for baby budgeting to exist as a blog it has to earn some money as I have to make a little wage and because of associated costs. Monetising my blog in this way is so simple, I only do what I want, it’s straightforward and relevant to my blog. I really like being part of ebuzzing it totally works for me. Ethically, because its relevant and because its declared sponsored I feel fine about being an ebuzzer!

If I could work with any brand I would want to work with Crayola. I think crafting with kids is amazing and always a great budget option. Art and craft supplies last for ages and they are well worth the money so perfect for budgeting families. I love that art brings families together over projects, stirs imaginations and develops creativity, Crayola could set me and my family art projects using their products which I could then display on my blog. I would ask my readers to have a go too and there would be prizes for the best effort. Maybe one day….

Why not take a look at ebuzzing?  

Find out more on ebuzzing.co.uk

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