10 BEST quick confidence tips for kids #KiddyChartsShelfCare

As most of you will know I am a children’s therapist and wellbeing author – in fact I have just published 2 brand new confidence books for kids packed full of confidence tips for kids.


Be confident be you is my new book for teenagers – it covers 40 hot issues for teens such as boundaries, identity, studying and problem solving and is designed to boost their self-esteem.


10 quick confidence tips for kids

Create your own confidence is my new confidence boosting book for younger kids age 6 -12 and it is PACKED with fun ideads and activities to help them feel just SO good about themselves.


10 quick confidence tips for kids


Today is a celebration of my friend Helen launching her shelf care free book scheme and Children’s mental health week. So, I have 10 quick confidence tips for kids to share with you.

10 quick confidence tips for kids

  1. Do something kind for someone – it will help you feel connected, it will make you smile and you will feel proud of yourself!
  2. Smile at 5 people you wouldn’t normally smile at. At least one will smile back and this will give you a little boost.
  3. Think about something you can do today that you ocul not do this time last year – remember you are developing strengths and skills all the time
  4. Think about something your body can confidently do
  5. Think about something your brain can confidently do
  6. Repeat this affirmation 3 times each day this week. ‘ I have confidence in myself’
  7. Think about something you trust yourself to do well (walk the dog/water the plants/ get your homework done)
  8. Ask someone to help you with something
  9. Offer to help someone with something
  10. Do something a tiny bit brave – it will spur you on and make you feel strong

All of the quick confidence tips will help to give self esteem a boost and my books contain many many more. To find out more check out my post on how to raise emotionally healthy kids

You might also want to take a look at my post on self-esteem quotes for kids and how these can help.

Now lets have a look at what Helen at kiddycharts is up to ….

The shelf care book club & more quick confidence tips for kids #KiddyChartsShelfCare


I am so excited to tell you about the  launch of the Shelf Care book club over st Kiddycharts , including what benefits members get. It is all about combining wellbeing and reading ( 2 of my favourite things!)

Simple sign up here and you will get a free positive mental health book sent to you for your kids each month,

You can sign up via this link or below:





Why kids need emotional wellbeing books

It is important for kids to read it is a proven way to destress and relax and both of these aspects have a hugely positive benefit on their mental health. Books focused on well-being really matter too as  the importance of learning to understanding feelings from an early age cannot be overstated. So do join in with the Shelf care idea it’s just fantastic


Check out mood stars

For even more wellbeing resources do check out the fabulous my mood stars too. You might also like my post on growth mindset quotes




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