Why I would love to visit Morocco

I have a 90 year old uncle who is forever travelling;  chasing good opera around the world, visiting old haunts and old friends. He send me postcards from Sydney, Helsinki and Zurich, from Spain and from the Italian Lakes. He takes the train up to Scotland and sails down the Rhine. How fabulous he is! He has so many stories to tell.


There are many places in the world I too would love to visit.

When I was young I saw a lot of Israel and America and I loved the deserts and the cowboys, the history, the art and the culture and the line dancing! Travelling is so enriching and so much fun and your memories last for oh-so long. I have some fabulous tales of my own from those times.

Since having children I have visited both Portugal and Greece but mainly we have holiday-ed in the UK, in Norfolk and Yorkshire and Cornwall. Our holidays have been about blue seas and skies and simple times on sandy beaches.

I would love to take the children somewhere ‘really exotic’ and totally different. A place I would love them to visit and that I too would love to visit, would be Morocco.

Why Morocco?


It is the colours of Morocco, the vibrant colours and the hot sun, the fabulous tiles, the mountains of  spices in all their array of colours. It is the souks selling ceramics, jewellery and metal lanterns.  It is the smells and the sounds of the bustling markets, the ornate and stylish buildings, the old, old churches.


Moroccan  mosques have beautiful towers called minarets, their markets are called bazaars, their old medieval sections called medinas and the old fortresses called kasbahs. Don’t they just sound fabulous!

I would sip Green tea with mint and sweetened with sugar and drink it all in. I might even arrange for us all to have a little camel ride.


Morocco would be a totally different kind of holiday in every sense  and it would make such an impact, I am sure, on us all. It is only 3 hours but also a million worlds away from our lives.  It has mountains, waterfalls, unspoilt beaches, busy souks, history, culture and a bustling, buzzy nightlife.

to visit Morocco

It sounds so every exciting. It sounds like a place to create memories. How I would love to visit Morocco then I would be the one sending Uncle Bob an exciting postcard for a change!



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