What songs did you sing to your baby?

Do you think lullabies have had their day? Is it all about pop songs now?

Do you /did you sing to your baby to get them to sleep at night?

I sang my two to sleep for a long time. I sang a mix of pop songs and lullabies, mainly the songs my mum always sang  and a few of my own too. I used to love that precious, precious time as I’d feel them totally relax and drift off to sleep and I could relax then for a while too.

Magical times.

sing to your baby

What did I sing? Well when they were tiny I loved to sing Brahms Lullaby and gently rock them off to sleep. The repetition seemed to really soothe both of them, even now my son hears it and feels restful and he is 12!

I would sing Hush Little Baby to them both too but I would get the words so muddled! It’s one complicated song! They never cared though of course. That is the very best thing about singing to kids they absolutely are not critics and do not care one bit if you sing off key, forget the words or repeat the same verse 15 times.

I would call both of these songs lullabies, they are certainly traditional get baby to sleep songs. They had the effect of making me feel sleepy too.

I have to say both these lullabies have the power to move me to tears now as they remind me of those precious  tiny baby years and I do hope one day to sing them to my grandchildren.

Did you sing lullabies or are pop sings more your baby crooning style?

The one pop song I used to sing again and again to my son was John Lennon’s Beautiful Boy which is kind of a lullaby in itself – certainly a love song to his son. I guess I wanted my son to feel that level of love.

To my daughter I would sing Whitney Houston’s Greatest Love of All, a beautiful, powerful song about loving yourself..a message that I wanted to inspire her.

Emma’s Diary surveyed over 2000 parents this year to find out what they sing to their babies and they have been sharing the 7 most popular pop songs to sing to your baby over on their website,  I am not in the least bit surprised that Ed Sheeran’s Thinking out Loud is in there but Tracey Chapman and some of the others really did surprise me. Do pop over and have look.

I would LOVE to hear what songs you sing or used to sing to your baby .





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  1. October 8, 2016 / 12:14 am

    I sing Hush Little Baby, over and over and over again! Like you I get muddled up sometimes and the dog called rover becomes the sweetest baby in town! My husband sings twinkle twinkle

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