The Essential Guide to a Happy Family Life

One of the biggest struggles that parents and carers face is finding the ‘right’ way to parent. And with so much conflicting advice from friends and loved ones and a plethora of parenting books available, it’s of little wonder that many parents are left feeling confused and unsure of who to listen to! Kids Don’t Come With a Manual – The Essential Guide to a Happy Family Life is written from the unique perspective of a married couple who have three children and struggled to reconcile their very different ‘Tiger Dad’ and ‘Earth Mum’ approaches to parenting. This conflict led them on a journey to try to discover a more balanced approach to parenting that would help make family life more joyful and harmonious.

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The Essential Guide to a Happy Family Life

If you are looking for the The Essential Guide to a Happy Family Life this book is it!

With their backgrounds in early education, parent coaching and entrepreneurship, Carole and Nadim Saad brought together their viewpoints to develop a unique and balanced parenting philosophy that any parent can put into practice. Their philosophy is based on hard evidence and all the latest research in child psychology and neuroscience, and proves how even the most opposing of parenting styles can be combined to make for a happy household.

Kids Don’t Come With a Manual provides parents and carers with step-by-step ‘tools’ to help them find new solutions to the most common parenting challenges. Such challenges include how to prevent power struggles, how to (re)connect with your children, how to effectively deal with ‘mis’behaviour without losing your ‘cool’ and how to develop your child’s self-esteem and emotional resilience.

It also contains a handy Troubleshooting section at the back that covers the top 20 parenting challenges – including tantrums, defiance and sibling rivalry – and offers practical techniques to help you overcome them.

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