My first Scalextric

I never had Scalextric when I was young . when I was a kid boys and girls toys were quite distinctly divided and in my view they got most of the fun. I fancied a bit of that whizzing around chasing cars action!

So I was absolutely delighted to be sent My First Scalextric (£34.99) to review and to introduce this to my daughter.

It only took about 10 minutes to set up and was quite straightforward despite my initial fears. Next time it will just take 2 minutes.

Here’s how it works (this is no much better than our home video i just cold not get the angle and race! !)

The cars run really speedily along the tracks and are really easily controlled.I love that it is mains charged and you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries.  I also like that the two rally cars and adjustable power hand-controllers are colour coded in red and yellow to match chevrons on the circuit so really easy to use.

We had lots of fun with this…..

My First Scalextric is fully compatible with our Micro Scalextric range of sets and cars, allowing you to extend your track and add new cars – the possibilities are endless!

For ages 3+




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