My Camper Van Holiday Dreams

 I’m thinking of my summer holidays

I can’t help it. It’s cold and it gets dark too quick at night time.

Bah humbug and all that. I do get the winter blues.

 Whilst everyone is thinking about Christmas my mind keeps swaying to the summer when the sunshine returns again. Long, light evenings and a chance to get away from routines and grey, freezing days.

I am thinking ahead to the summer holidays. I am yearning for warmth and gentle breezes and time away with the family.

Last year some friends of mine hired a camper van and had an awesome time. Do you recall we were given a Sylvanian family camper van toy to review earlier this year? Well that, combined with their friends holidaying in one, really has got the kids interested.

sylvanian families camper van

You can rent campers at erento, blimey you can even rent aircraft and boats from there! Hmmm. I have been on a narrow boat holiday before though and I felt very hemmed in. The thought of being on a big boat out at sea completely panics me.

I would love a camper van holiday though you could drive to where you wanted to be. No setting up tents (just the thought of setting up tents gives me nightmares.)

It sounds lovely. Wonder if the kids would survive without arguing with each other in such a small space though.

A luxury villa also sounds a nice idea and Oh I would so love to take them to Disneyland. Paris or Florida. I’m not fussed. My budget might be though. Friends of mine said it cost them 6k to go to Disney land…wow. We had better start saving.

Winter holidays in the snow are just not my cup of tea. I like beaches and sunshine. A villa in Greece with a pool near a little local town and a beach would be my idea of bliss.

Do you know I think it has helped chase the winter blues away just talking about my plans and wishes for the summer?

Do you have any plans for next year and your holidays?



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