Bear Grylls top ten things to do before you are ten

Bear Grylls has teamed up with Persil  to release his ‘Top Ten Things To Do Before You’re Ten’ guide, the aim is to inspire families to shake off the constraints of modern life and get outdoors.
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Research conducted by Persil found that:

Over half of UK adults played outside everyday when they were young, compared to just 23% of kids today; a decline of almost a third

One in 10 under tens never play outside and a third stay indoors and rely on ready-made fun instead of making their own

After school play has evolved from riding a bike (26% of parents) and playing sports (23% of parents), to playing computer games and watching TV – the most popular activities with children-31.5%

That make me feel so sad does it you?

Take a look at the guide with all Bear’s top ten ideas it may give you some inspiration.

Persil have teamed up with  adventurer, Bear Grylls, to offer kids and their parents the chance to spend a day with the man himself at the first ever Persil ‘Today I Am…’ Adventure Day on 26thMay 2012. You simply buy any pack of Persil to be in with the chance of winning! Now that would be cool!!!


Bear Grylls’ Top Ten Things To Do Before You’re Ten

  1. Perfect the perfect hill roll
  2. Become a hide-and-seek champion
  3. Go sledging- on sand
  4. Build a den- indoors or out
  5. Build a rope swing
  6. Nurse that sting
  7. Try and count the stars
  8. Make a mud pie
  9. Make a compass
  10. Pick your own pudding

To download the Persil small & mighty and Bear Grylls ‘Top Ten Things To Do Before You’re Ten’ guide, and see more information on how to win an adventure day with Bear for your kids, visit




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